YouTube might soon have its full-fledged Live Streaming platform enabling its content parters to stream their video directly to users in real-time. For 2 days, beginning Monday morning, four select YouTube partners – Next New Networks, Howcast, Young Hollywood, and Rocketboom will be streaming live footage on YouTube.

This is not the first time YouTube has tested the live streaming, IPL 2010 cricket was streamed live all over the world (except US) and so was U2 concert and Tiger Woods press conference. But the difference this time is that, the alpha test might be followed with a platform that will finally bring something akin to live TV to YouTube’s vast audience, which gonna be HUGE!

This will put the service in direct competition with the likes of Ustream, Justin.tv, and Livestream. Live streams will only be available on YouTube proper, meaning you can’t embed the streams on other websites and YouTube won’t be archiving the footage, either. Check out the widget below showing the full listing of what they’re broadcasting in this 2-day trial.

YouTube Live Streaming Platform

One thing is sure, the YouTube Live Streaming platform will have several content partners who will have their episodes live streamed to this wide audience base of YouTube. But then, what we are not sure is, will (if) YouTube manages to get in TV Broadcasters to stream the episodes of their TV Shows as well.

Another question which comes to my mind is – will YouTube Liv streaming be open for millions of ‘normal’ users? If so, it would require big infrastructure and also a greater effort of policing the live streams.

As for the streaming of regular TV Shows like Glee, Vampire Diaries or True Blood, it might look tough to get the broadcasters on board, but then with something like 30 seconds ad or text ads in the live streams, broadcasters might get interested on the contrary.

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