The wait is finally over! The official download of IE9 beta is now live after several pre-beta platform preview versions over the last few months. Internet explorer has undergone a complete makeover and flashes a sexy and cool minimalistic looks. The “Beauty of the web” browser promises to change the way web is seen.


IE 9 Features

IE9 packs a lot of enhancements and features such as

  • HTML5 support
  • hardware acceleration graphics rendering using Direct2D
  • hardware accelerated text rendering using DirectWrite
  • hardware accelerated video rendering using Media Foundation
  • new streamlined and simplified address and navigation bar
  • faster JavaScript
  • better CSS3 compliant support
  • SVG1.1 standards support
  • embedded ICC v2 or v4 color profiles support

Download IE9

Starting today, i.e September 15th 2010, general public can download and install a full working version of IE9 web browser. Note that installing IE9 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 will automatically replace and remove the existing installation of IE7 or IE8. IE9 and IE8 or IE7 does not co-exist alongside.

You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta in the language that matches your version of Windows or choose the English version, which works with all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Note that it won’t work on Windows XP.

All download link to all languages of IE9 Beta is available at Microsoft site linked below

Download IE9 beta

IE9 Direct Download Links

Download IE9 Beta (Windows 7 32Bit)
Download IE9 Beta (Windows 7 64Bit)
Download IE9 Beta (Windows Vista 32Bit)
Download IE9 Beta (Windows Vista 64Bit)

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One thought on “Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta

  1. Hopefully everyone on this site is aware of all this but just in case you can read my painfully learned lesson

    Be aware that IE9 is a beta and some people have had an unhappy time – how to remove IE9 is quite a common question.

    Also be aware that if IE9 breaks your internet explorer and you are unable to fix it you will not be able to do any updates – Microsoft requires that you use IE for this.

    My advice for what its worth is that if you have a working version of IE whether IE8 or 9 or whatever
    Don’t touch it
    Leave it alone so that it can do updates

    If you try to upgrade it, downgrade it or even use it for browsing it may break and then you can’t do any updates.

    Use a different browser for everyday use and leave IE to do updates only
    There are lots of browsers to choose from

    If you are really dedicated to using IE then at least download another browser SOON so that when IE stops working you can get some online help.

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