Android lovers will rejoice, while the Apple fanboys will sulk and hit back. There is hardly any doubt about who has made the below comic strip, but I found it funny geeky enough to put it here!


I already hear an Apple fanboy with his jailbroken iPhone screaming at top of his voice how untrue the strip is. Throw in your views below 😉

Thanks Bharath!

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13 thoughts on “Android vs iPhone – The Difference

  1. My iphone is jailbroken. All your arguments were suddenly void.
    I’m not protecting the iphone in its original state, but when its jailbroken as any techsavvy guy will do, then it’s the best.

  2. Totally agree!! Android is open-source and fastly developing, whereas what does Iphone have, except design, and think they are better.

    Also for all you saying Android are copycats. Well true in some sense, but so is Iphone a copycat as well, since actually windows mobile was first on the market

  3. Didnt macs derive from open source? Didn’t iOS come from os x? So in may ways a jailbroken iOS is an integrated derivative of open source.

  4. Agreed. Android is by far the better phone. Apple’s closed system will be it’s undoing, except for the sheep that will use it whatever state it’s in.
    Also, now that Google have just acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, the game is going to change fast.
    Apple, turn the light off on your way out.

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