Using Google Apps has got more secure with the introduction of 2-factor authentication, which allows enterprise users to protect their user accounts with a one-time code delivered through a mobile phone, in addition to the usual password.

The option will provide additional protection against phishing and malware attacks, as the one-time codes are valid for a limited period.


How Two-Factor authentication works?

Over the next few months, users of Google Apps Premier, Education, and Government will be able to utilize a smartphone-generated verification code as a second layer of account security. Here is how it works –

The customer provides their user name and password. Within a few minutes, a code is sent to the person’s mobile device. The code is sent via SMS or a voice call or generated on an application they can install on their Google Android, RIM BlackBerry or Apple iPhone handset.


The user would then type in the number through Google Apps. Simple but effective!

Users may can also signal that they don’t want to be asked for a verification code from specific computers in the future. Google Apps Standard edition (free edition) users would however have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this additional security feature.

[via]Google blog

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