Ever since Apple released the revolutionary and the magical iPad, we have seen loads and barrels of tablets being released announced every other day, most of them being Android based and each of them aiming to be the iPad killer.

To be fair to the new set of tablets – the likes of Galaxy Tab & ViewSonic, though they are fighting it out with iPad in the tablet space, they are designed to suit different budgets and uses. iPad by itself lacks many features, some of which just doesn’t impress the geeks, specially the new brand of Android geeks, who are expecting an Android tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab would provide everything which iPad lacks.

This is where the below tablet buying guide from Finerhosting comes to the rescue! It gives a detailed comparison of specs & features of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Viewsonic G tablet, Malata PC-A 1001 & Dell Streak 5. Though, this won’t by itself be enough to decide upon the best tablet to buy, it should help you weigh in your requirements and help in your decision making process.


We haven’t completely verified the information given in the chart above. In case you find any discrepancy, let us know via the comment form.

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