Being one of the largest technology companies, Google has always taken pride being a pioneer in technical innovations, primarily in web technology. There is so much work happening at Google’s backyard, and hence lot of new products get rolled out frequently which becomes very tough to keep track of.

Not anymore! Google New is a new page created by Google, which shows exactly what’s new, that Google is churning out. Whether its Google Maps, Orkut, YouTube, Blogger or even Adsense, Google New will let you know exactly what is happening with these products.


This is a good initiative from Google, since not every product gets as much attention as Google Instant Search or Google Voice for Gmail. I have always felt Google hasn’t done enough advertising of its products – say, something like Google Health which used to be buried below the heap. But not anymore! Google seems to be determines to change it all and let people know about everything happening at Google!

I’m loving this!

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