A normal digital camera user will have thousands of images shoved onto his hard disk. But how many will actually get to display those pictures in a creative way to the world? Making a photo collage is surely an option, and Magic Collage from PixelApp is something which is pretty good at it.

From the developer’s site,

Magic Collage is an automatic and easy to use photo collage creator software that lets you to create impressive photo collage automatically in a few clicks!

Magic Collage creates photo collage by using a special photo processing engine that can automatic place and arrange the photos from different graphic, shape and text that you specify.


Magic Collage – Features

  • Can create photo collage automatically
  • Real-time result preview, you can view the result before save the photo collage
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Can save photo collage as Photoshop file (*.PSD)

The existing collage templates are simple yet nice. They are good enough to make the kids happy. What I like more though, is its ability to convert normal text to photo collages. You can even choose the font as per your liking, though I must warn you that not all fonts are displayed properly.

Another likable feature is the ability to create and save our own template. The graphic designer provided to do this is pretty much basic, but is still good enough for a decent custom design. I won’t be reviewing it in detail, but you can check out Ashraf’s blog.

Magic Collage 2.3 – Free License Giveaway

There is every possibility that you have come across this giveaway on other blogs/websites. To be frank, I wasn’t convinced to hold this giveaway for the same reason, but then I had already committed to the developer. Moreover it’s a good software to promote and the developer has offered 25 free licenses, which is much more than what is given away on other blogs.

Each license is worth $26.95! All you need to do is leave a comment below to enter. Unlike previous giveaways, this time only the first 25 valid entries will get to win a free license. So, hurry up and register right away.

Update: Thanks for the response. I am closing the comments since we are well over 25 valid entries. The first 25 valid commentators will soon get a mail from me. Cheers!

Update 2: Here are the names of the winners – David Macdonald, Jon, Bubi, LDBaker, Namit Gupta, Rob, Jawwad, Vickie Riddle, Kristie, ande, malkhaz, aungzeya38, Lee, vhick, DJ, paf, Alvin Bruce, sai, Mike M, Gram, Anna, WKP, jack, lucas, john


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  • David Macdonald

    Looks fun to use. Maybe I should it a try

  • Jon

    Would love a collage app to play with, as digital collage mixed with my watercolors is the direction I wish to go next in my artwork.

  • Bubi

    Thanks for giveaway.
    An interesting software. I want to tray it.
    I have a lot of photos.

  • LDBaker

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    Thank You.

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    This is a nice tool. I love doing designing work, this tool will be of great use. I would love to get a license, please count me in. Thanks.

  • Rob

    I would love to have this program.

  • Jawwad

    great software. i m photographer. please count me in.

  • Vickie Riddle

    Sounds like it would be fun to try out, I have a lot of pictures that I could be creative with. Thank you!

  • Kristie

    Looks like a great tool to have!

  • ande

    great. count me in!

  • malkhaz

    wow, thank you for this great opprtunity to have such a valuable program

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  • Lee

    It will be another tools for me to create photo collage. Thanks!

  • vhick

    I’m glad to have a license..

    Thank you…

  • DJ

    Nice.. i hope i got one :)

  • paf

    Hi Raju, thanks a lot. I would like to have a license. It seems an easy program. Cheers.

  • Alvin Bruce

    Thank you, I like to get free one.

  • sai

    Interested. May I get one? Thank you.

  • Mike M

    I would love to have a copy of this program.

  • Gram

    Awsome deal count me in on this one

  • Anna

    Thank you I’d love to win a license of this wonderful program.

  • WKP

    Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I make it into the lucky winners column.
    Best, WKP

  • jack

    I want to have the license.

  • lucas

    Thanks for giveaway !
    i would like to have one ! :)

  • john

    great program thank you

  • Rofy

    I like to win a license, please.
    been your subscriber for almost a year.

  • Emil

    Cool software, first one I’ve seen that create collage in different shapes. Would be fun to play with.

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  • Hans

    Thanks Raju for interesting offer.

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    I think I need this for my pictures

  • http://www.sudeeraj.com SudeeraJ

    Superb software.
    Good work. I have seen screens and impressed with what has been archived.
    The developer clearly has a creative mindset.
    Thank you.

  • JayCub

    Tried this before it’s a worthy application, found out about the promotion on Raymond’s cc forum.

  • James R.

    Looks fantastic can’t wait to try! :)

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    i can’t wait to get my hands on this tool, hopefully im among the winners 😉 it will be useful for the loads of pictures i have

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