Big news for Windows Mobile fans (if there are any). Microsoft is set to unveil a wide range of Windows Phone 7 devices starting October 21st in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The same day launch in US is yet to be confirmed.


We always used to hear about the October launch of Windows Phone 7, whose RTM version was released earlier this month. According to Neowin, mega events will be held in major cities from around the world to commemorate the launch. Also, an open house event is scheduled for October 11 in New York where Microsoft will show some of the newest devices. May be HTC HD7?

LG, HTC, and Samsung will have launch handsets according to the rumors, with Dell and Toshiba, so far a company that hasn’t been tipped as having a Windows Phone 7 handset, shortly afterward.

New Windows Phone 7 Ad – HTC Mondrian


The advertisements are for an AT&T HTC device, supposedly HTC Mondrian, which is different than HTC HD7.

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