The importance of social media, specially of Facebook is getting more by the day. More and more software companies are luring users fans on Facebook and Twitter off-late. The new one on the block is F-Secure.


F-Secure is providing a 12 month valid activation code for their most popular product, F-Secure Antivirus 2011 to everyone who joins their Facebook page. The caveat is that you need to be a German user in order to avail this offer, which we can’t understand exactly why. But then, as Webtrickz explains, one can easily change their primary language to Deutsch, by going to the language settings page and then clicking the promotion link.

I am not sure if anyone want’s to do all those to get the 1 year free activation code, but our German friends at-least can make use of this promotion. As expected, you are required to Like their page and enter the basic details like name and email and you would receive the free activation code in your email inbox.

F-Secure has been a key player in the security space, so I would definitely recommend trying out their software, specially when they are providing a free license.

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9 thoughts on “F-Secure Antivirus 2011 – Free One Year License Key

  1. Looks like just language setting doesn’t work.. I tried and didn;t work for me. May be I need to use a German proxy on my browser? Will check out later. Thanks for the useful post.

  2. I don’t think it’s the language setting. When I tried it, I’m getting a message stating that this particular free offer is “sold out” but that there are other free license offers, so maybe they got swamped.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t see these other offers on F-secure’s Facebook page.

  3. any updates on attaining this license? I’m running a trial of F-Secure and would love to keep it going longer. I know the virus detection tests don’t generally bear this out, on my particular machine, it’s working vastly better than Avira Pro — not crazy about the simplistic configuration options (they certainly don’t cater to expert users), but damn, F-Secure’s on the job.

    fyi, I can also commend F-Secure’s Life Help as being incredibly responsive (they tend not to have the answers I like, but it’s better to be told straight out that something can’t be done than to waste time on it).

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