With privacy becoming more of an issue these days, in addition to geo-location restrictions on certain websites, we are seeing a huge surge in the VPN services market in recent times. We have had several posts discussing the use of VPN, different types of VPN protocols, top free vpn services and reviews of several paid vpn services as well.


Today, we have a look at FBVPN, which is tipped as Faster and Better VPN (by the developer of-course). FBVPN is a California based VPN provider and supports a wide variety of devices like iPhone, iPad and Android in addition to PC, Linux and Mac systems.

FBVPN has a single plan which costs $5 per month which is nothing really especially if you want to catch up on your favorite TV show and don’t want to wait for it to air in your country. I am not sure about any bandwidth restrictions, but they don’t seem to have any. The developer claims that the service works in China too, which is great if true! Some of our Chinese friends can confirm this.

I have been using FBVPN for a couple of days now. Setup was simple, easy and breeze. They have detailed guides ready for those who need help. The performance has been more than satisfactory. I am not sure if tis was the fastest I have used, but didn’t come across any glitch in usage even while streaming the videos from sites like Hulu and ABC.

FBVPN – Free VPN Giveaway

FBVPN has graciously offered 30 free 1-month accounts to the readers of TechPP. This would be the most ideal way to test their service for yourself and decide if this is the right choice. As always, leave a comment below to register for the giveaway. All the comments are moderated, so they need to be approved before getting published. Make sure you don’t double post. The contest ends 2nd October 2010. Winners will be announced within a week from then.

Update: Here are the winners- jim, farid h, todor, kontactone, juliankreuz, phase, MAK, Kaiwen, Gallar2, samir, kire, Jay, xm202afro, Anupam, Anil, Dennis, Ajib, tarzan, Joseph, Rajshekar Reddy, saeed, Yaser, e.g., Jawwad, Buhari M, pooyan, Johan Gustavsson, DJ, mohsen, ROHIT

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