If you’re an YouTube addict, then it gets annoying to assemble the playlists on YouTube to string together several videos of the same theme. ListAndPlay is an useful tool which helps you to play and create playlists from instant search and allows you to share it on social networking sites with a single click.

ListAndPlay gives users the opportunity not only to search for YouTube videos instantly, but to create playlists as they search and share the playlists with their friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and a huge number of other social sites.


As you can see in the above screenshot, when I type WordPress it started playing the related video. Each video has a small green icon on its top right corner that’s shows up only when you hover the mouse pointer over it. You could click on this button to add video to playlist that shows up on the right sidebar of the page.


When you click on green button it allows you option to move a video up or down and at the bottom of it the share button allows you to share it on various social networking sites.

Overall it’s a good and fun tool for YouTube Addicts.

Check out ListAndPlay to create and share YouTube video playlists. And if you know any other tool then share it in the comments section below.

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