Instant is the flavor of the season! Ever since Google Instant was launched, we have seen a splurge of services getting the instant treatment like Google Maps & YouTube. The latest to get added in the growing list is Facebook Instant.


Facebook Instant is a personal project by Noor SyRoN, a 20 year old Computer Engineering student and a freelance web-developer from Dubai. Noor says that he was inspired by Feross Aboukhadijeh, who created YouTube Instant, and was eventually landed a job at YouTube!

Facebook Instant – Facebook Search on Steroids

Facebook Instant makes use of the JavaScript and Ajax calls to contact the Facebook servers and bring information and display it in a nice and organized way, where you can click on it and go directly to that page on the original website.

Facebook Instant is aimed to be Facebook Search on steroids, though it isn’t as instant as one likes it to be. Noor attributes the slight lag to the Facebook API request time which takes an approximate 426ms. Considering that, there is a minimum of 3 requests being sent to Facebook servers, each time you type a letter, the small lag of 0.4s adds up to a noticeable lag of a second or two.

Noor hopes someone from Facebook support does find some time to help him figure out a way to minimize the API time lags.

Facebook Instant – Features & Benefits

  • Search instantly in Facebook like never before.
  • Searching in your friends’ posts, status, comments is possible after you login.
  • Even if you are not logged in, you will still be able to search the public posts (screw the privacy!)
  • No history saved on your disk (unscrew the privacy!)
  • All the searches and the results are shown in a single page.

Noor insists that the service is still in beta and under development. He has a list of features waiting to be added to Facebook Instant in the near future. Some of them are –

– Profile results to be included below the other 3 columns.
– Ability to comment, like and share any of the results right from the page.
– Save your search option to be added, so people can search and go back to their results later.
– Only 10 results are being shown now. However, the ability to browse [next/prev] the results will be added in day or two.
– “Real Time Results” exactly like twitter does

Here is a video demo of the Facebook Instant experience-

Facebook Instant search comes at a time when Facebook vs Google battle is beginning to heat up. It will be really interesting to see how this will shape up in the near future.

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