When you look for photo sharing websites on Google, you will find lots of websites which allow you to upload and share photos for free. Out of them, Flickr and Picasa are the popular ones and they come with the premium versions as well. Now-a-days, sharing photos has become a hobby and many are joining this race and already there are lots of photo sharing tools and websites available on the web. By using these websites sometimes we find problem that “it does not allow other users (friends/family members) to upload the photo in the same album”. This is where Yogile comes to the rescue.

Yogile – Photo Sharing got Easier


Yogile is a simple and free photo sharing website which is different from others and allows you to password protect your uploaded album; it gives full permission to your friends to upload images in the album created by you. It lets you to upload the photos of events like birthday, parties, wedding, and meetings which can be share with them, such that attendants of the event can easily upload their own photos and add them to the album that you created with this you will complete your album with very snap of that event.

To use this website you need to sign-up (for free) and after signing up, you can easily upload images and share it with anyone you like. Now you will be provided with email address and unique URL. You can share this email address or URL to your friends and request them to share the photo. Basically this tool is free to use but it comes with the limitation size of 100MB per month upload limit. But you can buy a pro version that comes with $24.5 for one year. With pro version you can upload unlimited photos.

Overall this tool is a nice alternative of photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa.

Check out Yogile to easily upload, share and collect photographs.

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