Working online is never easy. As a freelancer I know that most of the time, I have to collaborate with different people on different things. But thanks to online meeting software which narrows down the bridge between clients and you at all times.

In this article I’m going to focus on collaborating documents in real time and trust me this is a free tool which can be used for online conferencing, collaborative writing, file sharing, private communication and desktop sharing. This application makes it easy to share and collaborate with others on web.



It is a nice, real time, online document editing and collaboration tool which helps you out in collaborating on text documents with your team. With this tool you can import text file, HTML, Word or RTF file formats. In addition to it, you can download the document as HTML, Plain text, bookmark file, Microsoft Word and in more formats. This is a free tool, which means no registration required. You need to click on “Create public pad button” to get started. It will redirect you to a public pad where you can type anything in the given field. You can share this with others online and when he opens it in the browser, he’ll get the same thing which you’re editing.

There isn’t much to talk about this utility and I repeat, it’s a good app that helps you to collaborate and edit documents online. Check out Titanpad for real time document editing and collaboration online.

If you’re using other real time document collaboration tool then share them in the comments section with us.

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