Facebook has announced a range of updates in he ongoing event at Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, CA. This comes just a few days after the Twitter update. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook spoke about the ability to grab all of your content from Facebook. Also, a newly improved Apps dashboard that integrates all the apps you’ve used will be introduced and so will be Facebook Groups, which works like a mailing list, aimed at solving the “the biggest problem in social networking”.

Download Your Information

Download Your Information zips up your Facebook information, emails you when the files are ready, and then allows you to download them. Facebook will actually move all of your data into a single file, making the download very, very simple.

As expected, the data will be available for “normal people” and not “developers”. Facebook is also working to make the process as secure as possible. This will prevent user abuse that could be potentially very damaging. The archive contains a file that shows something like a timeline of all your interactions with Facebook. This feature will start to roll out today.

Facebook Apps Dashboard


The second announcement is a newly improved Apps dashboard that integrates all the apps you’ve used, permissions granted and anything else you’ve done with an app, and displays it in a way that makes it easy to see where your data is going and how you interact with the social graph in apps.

Facebook Groups

According to Zuckerberg, the biggest problem in social networking is interacting with of all your friends all at once. Sometimes you only want a few friends to know something. It isn’t always all friends or one friend. Facebook’s answer to this problem is not lists. Facebook claims to have the solution to this problem, using a few simple tools under the name Groups. A group can be anything: family, sports buddies, work, etc. Adding members works a lot like photo tagging. It enables group chats, communications via email, and introduces document collaboration.


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