For the time immemorial, the rumors about CDMA version of iPhone for Verizon have been making rounds with the most favorite guess about the possible release date being January 2011. Now, the Wall Street Journal has called the Verizon iPhone, a done deal in its latest report.


The Wall Street Journal claims that multiple sources brief by Apple have said that a CDMA iPhone will land early next year on Verizon’s network. CDMA is Verizon’s 3G tech of choice. Sprint also uses CDMA, while T-Mobile and AT&T utilize GSM.

Common sense tells us that Apple has no other option but to go for a deal with Verizon to keep Google’s Android at bay. AT&T has enjoyed the iPhone exclusive selling rights in the US for the last 3 years and they have had to face lot of criticism over the poor network performance, specially during the initial couple of years.

Verizon, on its part, has brought in some of the best Android based smartphones, like the Droid Series & Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S). If at all the iPhone deal works out with Verizon, it will be a huge blow for Android and a big gain for Apple, since the numbers can be substantially huge.

iPhone 5 on Verizon

WSJ reports also talks about an all new iPhone 5, with a different form factor coming to Verizon.

Separately, Apple is also developing a new iPhone model, said people briefed on the phone. One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone would be a different form factor than those that are currently available, said one person familiar with the new iPhone plan. It was unclear how soon that version would be available to Verizon or other carriers.

TechCrunch finds an interesting secret possibility behind this WSJ report. MG Siegler believes that Apple selectively leaks the information to WSJ.

So why would Apple want to leak such news? Well that’s obvious. News of a Verizon iPhone would quickly quiet all the talk of Android’s momentum against the iPhone in the U.S. marketplace. That talk, backed up by report after report after report, is louder than it has ever been. Android is clearly outpacing the iPhone in terms of sales in this country. And the media is latching on to that story big time.

Our take on all these is that gobble up the report just like any other rumor. It makes a great story when they talk about CDMA iPhone and a brand new iPhone 5, but there is not enough meat behind the talks. Even if we assume the rumors of a CDMA iPhone to be true, an all new iPhone 5 is a bit too much to trust really. We will keep you updated nevertheless.

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