The tech community & the blogosphere is abuzz with Windows Phone 7 launch event which might will reveal some WP7 devices like LG Optimus 7. The company has scheduled the launch event in New York at 6.30 AM PDT/9.30 AM ET today, October 11th 2010.

In addition to LG Optimus 7, we might see the lauch of other Windows phone 7 devices like According to the leaked information from various sources, the software giant is expected to reveal HTC HD7, HTC Trophy, Samsung Cedar and HTC Mondrian.


Windows Phone 7 Event – Keynotes

Microsoft is set to launch at-least 3-4 new phones on the AT&T network with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T Mobility CEO and President Ralph de la Vega set to address keynotes.

The event begins at 9:30 am EDT, that’s 6:30 am PDT or 2:30 pm in London, U.K. For other parts of the world, that’s 7:00 pm in New Delhi, India, 22:30 pm in Tokyo, Japan or 3:30 pm in Johannesburg, South Africa. For others, here is a quick link to be sure of the timings.

Watch Windows Phone 7 Event Online – Live Streaming

Thankfully, the Windows Phone 7 launch will be webcast live at Microsoft’s website. If you are interested in catching up on the event, you can do so by visiting the live streaming link here –

Of course, we will be doing a quick follow up on everything useful and related to Windows Phone 7. So keep a tab on our homepage.

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