The new India Rupee symbol has now been added into the Unicode standard. This comes within 3 months of selecting and approving the new symbol.

Though many of the Indian websites and newspapers had started using the font unofficially, for widespread usage, the new Rupee symbol had to be accepted by the Unicode Consortium’s Unicode Technical Committee that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Unicode Standard, including the Unicode Character Database.

Yesterday, The Unicode Consortium announced the new Unicode Standard 6.0 that adds 2088 characters, with over 1000 new symbols, including that for the Indian Rupee.


The official Unicode character code for the Indian Rupee symbol is U+20B9. Please note that you might not be able to use the Rupee sign right away, since none of the major font families have updated their fonts to support Unicode Standard 6.0. The easiest way to determine which of the installed fonts on your PC can display the newly added Rupee sign is to visit this page and check for yourself.


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