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If you are a user, I am sure, you must have always been enjoying blogging on the hosted blogging service. But what if you get the opportunity to interact or share your blogs through an SMS?

Suppose you get SMS alerts about various little changes, for which earlier you had to visit the site. Easily know about anyone quitting or joining a blog, anyone changing the theme, or little changes in privacy settings and much more would make blogging more interesting than it is now. Now, stop supposing and start believing! The very popular hosted blogging service has come up with the launch of a new additional feature which will make all this happen in reality.


With this new feature, you can have the best of both: Text and Blog.

But the problem here is that this new service is only available for US users at the time being. When asked the company about this, they came up with a genuine reason. According to them, they wanted to test whether this new innovative feature will bring an overwhelming response from the native users. And if it does, they promise that the users in other countries too will start enjoying this new experience in blogging.

This is not all. You can get some additional features if you pay a price of $20. You can easily read comments added, as, you will be given a notification on your mobile. You can accept or deny comments and add your own comments as well. Other advantage is that as soon as a post is published on your blog, you will receive a notification and you can publish the updates about your blog.

Two Step Login Process

I am sure the information given till now must have raised a question in your mind-. “Why should we spend $20 for this when various other official WordPress mobile apps give us the same features?”
Fine!! I agree you are getting these features free of cost through these mobile apps. But this new feature also provides a better security system for your blog i.e. a two step login process.

How does it work?

When you log in to your dash board, you will get a text message on your phone and then you will have to enter the password to get access to your blog. This way you can be sure that no one else is working on or using your blog profile in a malicious way.

Still confused why to pay for these features? Not everyone has a Smartphone. What if you too don’t have it? How will you be able to moderate and manage the blog or handle your business on the go? Hope, thinking over this will make you realize the importance of this new feature launched by WordPress.Com with which you can connect with any phone that gives you access to internet.

Get set go!

Once you have made a decision to go for this feature, you can follow the process to get started. From your dashboard, click the “Text Messaging” link under the “Settings” tab to register your phone number with the service. Once the activation process is complete, you can select the Text Messaging features that you want to use for your blog.

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