Hell yeah! You read it right! Google is vigorously advertising Apple’s iPhone 4 on — Facebook! An amalgamation of three of the world’s leading brands – Google, Apple & Facebook. If you don’t trust me, have a look at the screenshot below.


Don’t worry; it’s not Photoshopped. It’s a real Facebook ad of a fake company advertising a real product and aimed at scamming unsuspected Facebookers.

The ad you see in the screenshot above is by a company called Viaziz, which is openly fooling people by impersonating as Google. It is a typical auction based scam site, which claims that the last iPhone 4 was auctioned for Rs. 6.72 (around 15 cents).


This is enough for seasoned web users to identify the intent of the website and go away. But newbies would fall for it and end up getting cheated of their hard earned money.

Facebook Ads Review Process is Plain Farce?

The intent of the post is to question the effectiveness of Facebook ads review & approval process. Ironically, the Facebook ad guidelines page clearly states under Section 2(a) that –

Ads that contain a URL or domain in the body must link to that same URL or domain.

The example above is completely contrary to this guideline. Facebook explains that the “Facebook’s ad policy and guidelines are based around the philosophy of maintaining users’ trust.” Trust? My foot.

Facebook even claims that the ads are reviewed by real employees (and not interns) before approving. if that is the case, how can ads like these get through the filter? Its accepted fact that employees are humans and humans make mistakes. But this is not an isolated instance. Just Google for misleading Facebook ads or Facebook ad scam and you will bump across several such instances.

It’s not just about ads, there have been several instances of Facebook app scams before, which again question Facebook’s app review & approval process.

Facebook cannot keep behaving like a spoilt teenager. It is the biggest social network, valuated at $30 billion, second largest video website and the largest photo sharing service on the web. It is really BIG and needs to start behaving like one.

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