A feature of GMail which I have loved the most is this – whenever you open an email in your Gmail inbox and then archive or delete it, GMail takes you back to the inbox (or any other parent folder of the email). But then, many people might like it to instead go to the next conversation, just like the way it is in Yahoo Mail.


Well, that is exactly what the folks at GMail have introduced in their Labs section – ability to go to the next message by default. As they explain in their blog post, there are keyboard shortcuts – “]” and “[” for archiving and going to the next/previous conversation, but for those who want the feature to be enabled by default, you can go to the Labs tab in Settings and look for “Auto-advance”, enable it and click on “save Changes” button.

By default, “Auto-advance” will advance to the previous (older) conversation in your inbox — perfect for people who read their newest mail first. If you usually read your oldest email first and would rather advance to the next (newer) conversation, you can change the direction from the General Settings tab. Not something I would use, but you might!

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