Though we have seen many innovative ways to access blocked websites, none of them are better than using a fast and reliable VPN service. Not that the Free VPN services aren’t reliable, but they normally don’t come with all those additional features which are provided by the paid VPN clients. One such reliable VPN service is SwitchVPN.


SwitchVPN provides Personal VPN Service with servers located in USA, UK , Netherlands & Germany. Recently they have also included a Canada based server. Using SwitchVPN, users can browse the web anonymously and securely. Also, as I mentioned in the beginning, with SwitchVPN, users can bypass internet censorship by accessing all those blocked websites or country specific websites like Hulu & Pandora from any part of the world.

With SwitchVPN, all the programs installed on your computer are automatically redirected to the VPN so that a highest level of security and anonymity is provided. You can even unblock VOIP based applications like Skype with VPN. They have servers located in USA and other countries with PPTP / OpenVPN so you can connect on multiple platforms like iPhone / PlayStation / PSP / VOIP Phones on single VPN account.

SwitchVPN also allows you to choose between shared IP’s and dedicated IP’s. The shared IP packages starts from $5.95/month and the dedicated one from $6.95/month. More details on the pricing and packages can be found here.

SwitchVPN Account Giveaway

SwitchVPN has agreed to sponsor 15 Canada VPN accounts exclusively for TechPP readers. Each of them are valid for one month. This way, you can actually try out the service yourself and see if it suits your requirement. All you need to do is – leave a comment below and let us know how you would use the VPN if you win an account. Remember, the contest ends 8th November 2010.

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  • IKe2010

    I’m interested in that
    count me in.
    i’ll use it specially for accessing some blocked websites and for voip

  • Richard

    Sounds pretty good. I have tried quite a few paid VPN’s so far, but most have a limit on how many times you can switch servers a month.
    Is this unlimited?

    • Raju

      Yes, unlimited bandwidth (download/upload)

      • Richard

        Cool. Are the server switches unlimited as well? I know some VPN’s I have tested have speed hits (takes your connection from 24Mbp/s down to 3Mbp/s, when tested at and some have very little effect. Does this one take mush of a hit?
        Sorry for all the questions.

        • Raju

          I am not sure about any restrictions on server switches, need to check that with them. From my test with Canada VPN, the speed drop was minimal, but then my connection is just 2Mbps. The drop can be a bit more significant when it comes to faster connections. But then, there wasn’t any difference when it came to video streaming, which is a good sign.

          • Richard

            Ah, that’s good. That can be one of the main issues, especially when trying to watch Hulu from the UK without having buffering issues and the same with friends in USA/ Bali trying to access iPlayer. Sounds like a pretty good one. I have been using FBVPN and BTGuard for the past 4 months myself, but it’s always good to check others that are out there.

            Nice article and thanks for answering the questions.

  • Victor

    i’d like to view videos from VEVO since most of its content are blocked in India…so need the VPN…thank you

  • Pranav Jain

    I play lots of online games in which I would have to restrict with Indian server where less people are found, using this I will be able to access other servers also !!!!
    And I will also visit many blocked websites :)

  • Binoy Xavier

    I always wanted to access Hulu, Vevo, BCC etc which i think will be possible with SwitchVPN. Count me in :)

  • ibheck

    very interesting, I want to try this vpn service
    please count me in

  • Joe

    Thanks for this contest. I’ll use it to access blocked sites and stream Hulu content when I’m not in the US.


  • Rajshekar reddy

    Count me too

  • mike

    count me in….kudos!!! tks

  • Morekari

    hi. this is a good website

  • jon hng

    Thanks for the opportunity, i would love to check out this vpn service. I’ll use it to access website that blocks visitor from the other side of the world.

  • Nick

    Me too!!! :)
    loves TECHPP!!

  • Yaser

    thanks for this offer

  • Yasser

    very thanks for this one

  • Buhari M

    I always wanted to access Hulu, Vevo, BCC etc which i think will be possible with SwitchVPN. Please count me also

  • Maxxine

    Please count me in.. Living as an expat here in Saudi Arabia has been such a problem for me because they are restricting so many worthwhile sites.. :(

  • vhick

    Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  • Kaiwen

    looks good

  • john

    Hi, Nice VPN 4 linux users, count me in.

    Thanks you,

  • phuoc

    Thank you

  • Jawwad

    i am in :)

  • Rulzzz

    Cool giveaway.

    I will use it for accessing Google Voice, which now is only restricted to US, and I am from Non US country.


  • Alvin Goh

    Cool.. count me in… TQ

  • juliankreuz

    Another cool vpn posted by raju. . I’ve try the fbvpn. . Could i try this another one? Thank you again in advance. Techpp rocks \m/ count me in. .

  • Naceron

    I’m in :)

  • vicky

    i carry TOR in my pen drive all the time to do this stuff any where i go. like coll.

  • Namit Gupta

    I will let one my friend to access the websites which are blocked by her college firewall. I myself have no particular use but will surely get to learn something new by trying it. Already 30 people are competing for 15 licences. Hope to get one. :-)

  • gordon

    i’d love a free account so that i could experiment and have some fun with getting a couple of home routers talking to each other routing some traffic down my actual ip and some down a vpn.

  • Crunchynow

    wow…thats awesome one…

    include me also please…

  • farid

    Its a good offer and thanks for give so chances to your reader to keep their privacy and safty tight.

  • ibheck

    who the winners of this giveaway ?