Skyfire is launching an iPhone (& iPad) browser that supports videos in Adobe’s Flash format. Apple has finally approved this app which was submitted to the app store almost a couple of months back. Skyfire is the first of its kind app to be approved by Apple and will be available for download from Thursday.


Apple and Adobe have always been on loggerheads with respect to Flash, as Apple had made it clear about their displeasure of memory issues with Flash content. SkyFire goes around these restrictions to allow Flash content to be downloaded to their servers, then “translates” and renders the video into HTML5, which is supported by all iOS devices.

SkyFire won’t work with every site though. For example, it will not be able to convert Hulu videos, or Flash games. Everything else should be a go. Below is a video interview of the Skyfire CEO, where he talks about Skyfire for iPhone app.

The app will be available for download on Thursday morning for $2.99. Is that a good enough price to entice you? How much do you value the Flash content on the web?

Update: Download Skyfire right now from the App store!

[via]IDB & CNN

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