For everyone buying a new & costly gadget like an iPhone or an iPad, the major worry is to how they can safeguard their device and what to do in case they lose it or if it gets stolen. We had addressed this issue in our previous post on 6 ways to track and recover lost iPhone. Amongst those 6 ways, Find your iPhone app from Apple is the most popular, but it comes with a MobileMe subscription which in turn comes at a huge price of $99/year. Well, now you can do the same thing with TekTrak for just $5!

How TekTrak works?

The concept is pretty simple. TekTrak runs in the background, using your phone’s GPS location data to track your location based on user-configured intervals. If you ever misplace your iPhone or if it gets stolen, just log onto TekTrak’s website and you can check out the map of where your phone was last time it checked in. You can even try calling your phone, in case you have misplaced it somewhere in the house itself (like Mobile phone finder) or set the site to locate your phone, which will set your location to continuous mode.

For $5, it’s a great app, isn’t it? But then, unlike the pricey MobileMe, TekTrak has some serious limitations like the mandatory need to run in the background and can’t remotely set a passcode or remotely wipe your phone.

In short, the app works great if it is running in the background, but stands no chance if it isn’t running or the thief restarts the phone. For $5, it’s a decent alternative for MobileMe.

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