Just like Hulu & Pandora (which are restricted to users from US), services like BBC iPlayer and Spotify are restricted to the users from UK. So, even those UK users, who are on vacation in other countries will also not be able to enjoy these services, since they accept only UK based IP addresses.

It is true that we have several free vpn services to bypass such restrictions, but Expat Shield is a new vpn service from AnchorFree, maker of the popular HotSpot Shield, that enables users to create VPN connection to servers located in the United Kingdom, and thereby access all services which are region locked to the UK, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV player, Channel 4, Spotify and others.


Expat Shield also enables user to remain anonymous, and offers protection from packet sniffers, such as Firesheep, by way of encrypted (HTTPS) connection.

Download Expat Shield

Expat Shield is available as a web based installer for Windows. The program installs a VPN client using which users can quickly connect and disconnect from the VPN server. The program is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Expat Shield Free VPN

A quick note here is that make sure you unselect Toolbar installation option, which is not needed for the Free VPN to work. Since it comes free, you would need to bear the ads which sticks on top of your browser.


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