The sole reason for dwindling market share for Mozilla’s Firefox has been its memory hog and low rendering speed, as compared to its counterpart. Where on one hand Opera is putting its heart and soul in developing API’s for extensions, Mozilla has tried its level best to come up with a faster browser with much soothing UI.

Today’s release is a big milestone on that path.

With Firefox 4 Beta 7 out, Mozilla can safely say that they have moved once step closure to develop a browser which can be considered a benchmark. It is three times as fast as its previous builds in Kraken Javascript Benchmark and Sunspider Benchmark, and five times as fast on basis of V8 Benchmark.

The main reason for such tremendous boost has been the incorporation of JägerMonkey JIT compiler as a JavaScript rendering engine along with enhancement of TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter. According to speed tests conducted by Mozilla, the results showed a tremendous boost in performance. Here is an image of the test result.


Another major enhancement is incorporation of hardware accelerated graphics in rendering of websites. This enables website load faster and speeds up rendering of rich and interactive web contents like games, apps and photos. Also inclusion of WebGL in the build has opened up a new dimension of 3D Graphics.

Firefox 4 Beta 7 also includes improvements in HTML5 forms. It includes features like auto-complete and a new form-validation API.

In spite of the odds, Firefox has been able to maintain a 25% market share and due to these enhancements and the speed boost, is expected to fare well after Firefox 4 final build .

Download Firefox 4 Beta 7

[via]Mozilla Blog

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