Guest post by Nicole Miller.

Have you been trying to figure out how to get your own videos on YouTube? Well, wonder no more. Here, I introduce one of the easiest ways you can finally get a fantastic idea out of your head and onto YouTube with some really fun-to-use tools.

I’m talking about PowerPoint and Camstudio or Windows Movie Maker. This is my absolute favorite way to create videos because I like how everything I need for this strategy doesn’t require any complicated hardware. To begin, I design a nice series of slides in Microsoft’s PowerPoint complete with cool-looking backgrounds, fun graphics, and relevant text. Each slide introduces a point I want to discuss and when finished, I export the entire presentation as a group of JPG images. Then I load up Windows Movie Maker. With Movie Maker, I import each exported JPG in the order I want them to appear in the video and then export that collection as a video file. When finished, I upload the final production to YouTube. Easy!

If I’m feeling creative, I might insert a few of Movie Maker’s transitions and/or background sounds onto each image before creating the video. But if I’m feeling really creative, I won’t use Windows Movie Maker at all. I’ll use Camstudio instead.


CamStudio is different from Movie Maker in that it captures what’s happening on a computer screen rather than compile a bunch of images. That means I can have some real fun in PowerPoint and add PowerPoint’s animation features to a video. My letters can dance — my images can display when I want them too instead of all at once — it’s awesome. And I can capture it in action with Camstudio. All I have to do is run my finished publication and let Camstudio record it all. At the presentation’s end, I simply save the recording to an AVI file, which YouTube readily accepts.

Try it! Camstudio is free and you don’t need Microsoft’s PowerPoint to get started (or Movie Maker for that matter). OpenOffice provides a presentation maker that’s eerily similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, making it the perfect *free* alternative.

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