The battle has begun. Blackberry’s Playbook vs Apple’s iPad. The Round one of the battle for tablet supremacy is initiated by RIM and they have created a side-by-side comparison of the Blackberry PlayBook and Apple iPad. The comparison runs tests on browser speed to see which of the two tablets performs best on loading up particular websites. It also focuses on Adobe Flash support and HTML5 performance.

In order to keep the test fair, they cleared the cache of the browsers to make sure each device was pulling down fresh data from the webservers. Of course it’s RIM’s demo, but the tests did reveal the better processing capabilities of Playbook.

iPad has a big advantage over PlayBook because of its better and bigger 10″ screen compared to PlayBook’s 7″ display. Check out the video now

Playbook’s firmware is still work-in-progress. So we can expect the browser to get even better as RIM polish the firmware closer to launch. But then, PlayBook isn’t expected until Q1 of 2011. By then we might have iPad 2 as well.

We would like to reserve our judgment till we have our own hands-on. How about you?

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