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Blogging has emerged as the easiest platform to voice out your thoughts. Some of the most powerful people have their own blogs. The ease of creating new content and posting it online with just few clicks have made blogging what it is now. But with the growing number of people who incorporate SEO in their internet marketing strategies, blog writing and posting is now taken to a whole new level.

Blogging can be considered as one of the cheapest mode of promotion because it’s basically free. Everyone who has access to the internet can blog. Consequently, they can advertise or market their business. People can have personal or commercial blogging site just by creating an account with thousands of blog providers.

There are various reasons why people create blogs. Some people just want to have an online documentation of their lives, more like an online journal, while others blog to make money online. But whichever your purpose is, you need audiences who will read what you write about; except of course if you want to keep your blog private.

So how do you start driving audiences towards your blog page? Here are a few pointers to consider for effective blogging:

Know your Topic

Writing a blog with a specific niche may not guarantee traffic from all types of individuals but it can definitely get visits from a good number of people who are interested in that particular topic. For example, developing a blog site that specifically contains discussions about home designs may not get audiences who are computer and technology enthusiasts, but will surely get attention from interior designers or other people working in the same line of profession. Although you may opt to write blogs with general topics since they have a broader target audience, such type of blogs may not be subscription-worthy. Obviously, people wouldn’t want to be spammed with updates from random subjects.

Blog with Substance

Don’t write pointless and redundant articles and expect readers to come in to your site. You’ll only be wasting your time and theirs. Keep your blog piece interesting and delivered in a creative manner. Write something that leaves questions to the minds of your audience. Don’t write a speech. Blogs should sound casual and conversational. Also, don’t write something that has already been written by thousands of other people. If you’re going to discuss a mainstream topic, make sure you put your own opinion in it. Don’t copy the ideas of other people.

Combine Blogging with SEO Techniques

Regular creation and publication of an SEO blog for you or your business can greatly improve the reputation of your blog site on search engines. This can also show that you are an expert in your chosen topic. Thus, if people can regularly read new posts from your site, it won’t take a long time before your first-time readers become your loyal subscribers. Also, because you will be considered a serious blogger, your readers may also recommend your blog to their close ones, which will boost your online reputation in no time.

Keyword is the Key

The attention of the readers can be grabbed almost instantly with the help of SEO blog posts. To make your blogs even more effective, make sure to include the right keywords in it. Incorporating keywords that are hyperlinked with a company’s website URL is the main element for a blog post to be successful. These may be used at the opening paragraph, title, body text, headings, closing paragraph etc. The keywords must be used moderately and naturally at strategic positions to signal search engines regarding the importance of those words or phrases.

Remember that it is not advisable for you to flood your own articles with similar keywords and links because search engines can detect that. You’ll only be risking your own site for blockage. You may use keywords that are not being used by your competitors. Go for the less popular but still specific. Use keywords that are directly related to what you are promoting. Don’t use common keywords like ‘kitchen sink’ when what you are blogging about is ‘faucet’. You’ll only be competing with thousands of other bloggers who are particularly writing about kitchen sinks.

Blogging is now an integral part of the internet industry. Without blogs, it’s almost probable that nothing is written on the pages of Google. Write blogs for whatever reason you’ve in mind. Just remember that you shouldn’t lose your personality when making one. Some people forget that blogs should be about them and their interests and not just about creating a web space for the mere sake of promoting something that sells.

This is a guest post by Geli Pulpulaan currently works as a SEO specialist from a reputable search engine optimization company.

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