There is a full fledged Blackhat SEO scam/attack being unleashed on Google search, specially targeted at Black Friday related searches. As reported by Panda Security Labs, Blackhat SEO campaigns work by tricking search engines into displaying malicious search results.


Amongst several options available under their disposal, the most common way employed by Blackhat criminals, is to generate thousands of related text, images, and videos. The latest Blackhat SEO scam is targeting the Black Friday keywords. If you take a look at the Google Instant Preview pane on the right, you’ll see that actual Best Buy ads are shown! This could very well convince someone to click on the malicious link!


Clicking on the link will cause your computer to redirect to the following fake Firefox update website or a fake antivirus scan page depending upon the browser you are using.


Installing the “update” will infect your computer with the Adware/SecurityTool Rogueware:


Use extreme caution when searching for hot topics, as they are actively targeted by cyber criminals each and every day. It is better to go for websites which you already know and trust, specially for this upcoming Black Friday. A simple rule of thumb is to avoid installing ANY .exe you are provided with on the web.

[via]Panda Security

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