Black Friday 2010 can’t get any better. If you were looking to pocket yourself an Apple iPad this holiday season, you are in for a treat. TJ Maxx and Marshalls will be offering a $100 discount on the iPad this Black Friday, November 26 2010.

The price is for the entry-level 16GB iPad and the news originally broke on Engadget, and was confirmed by T J Maxx on Twitter. That’s a huge saving of $100 off the usual starting price.

Is iPad 2 Coming Soon?

New iPads for $100 less than they cost at Apple? or Best Buy? How can that be? Seth Weintraub over on 9 to 5 Mac has an interesting post on why this might be. Among the possibilities he notes that perhaps Apple produced too many and wants to clear out inventory before the iPad 2 comes or, on the other hand, Apple wasn’t to lock up the tablet market before the Android Tablet market truly leaves the station.

For now, let’s cheer the $100 discount for the current iPads. Unfortunately, it looks like the stores will only have a limited quantity to go around, and the company that owns both stores hasn’t announced which locations will have the tablet.

No official word on how many iPads each store will receive, either, though a Mac Rumors commenter notes that Marshalls stores in Florida say they will be receiving 100 iPads per day during the holiday weekend.

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