Opera never ceases to surprise me with their innovative features in every new release they come up with. Opera 11 beta is now public and brings on to the table, a brand new take on tabs and extensions. Opera has been a pioneer in web browser market. Be it the tab browsing or pop-up blocking or the in-browser search, Opera was the first to introduce. Now, they have come up with yet another interesting and useful feature called Tab Stacking which we will discuss in greater detail later on.

One feature which was always missing (and possibly the major reason for Opera not being able to grab the browser market) is the Extensions. Opera extensions use standard W3C Widgets and JavaScript so that programmers can use familiar tools and techniques to enhance Opera. There aren’t many extensions to download yet, but Opera claims that more than 20-25 extensions are being submitted every day, so we can expect considerable number of extensions in the near future.


Not just the extensions, Opera developers have managed to speed up the browser more than ever. The browser feels lightning fast (but not as much as IE9 developer preview 7) and the UI is as sexy as ever.

Opera 11 Tab Stacking

I completely adore this new feature. With tab stacking, you can group together the open tabs into one. For someone like me who has multiple browser windows with each window containing 20+ tabs, the Tab Stacking feature comes as a boon. Stacking tabs is as easy as dragging one tab over the other desired tab.


One issue with tab stacking is that you might not remember which all tabs were stacked together. This might happen when you have kept open the tabs for a long time. Check out the video demo below to understand how tab stacking works on Opera 11.

Download Opera 11 beta

The public beta for Opera 11 is now live and you can download it right now.

Download Opera 11 beta

Do let us know your opinion if you managed to download and use the beta version.

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