The gaming gadget inspired by the Minority Report is here. Microsoft India has announced the launch of the much awaited – ‘Kinect for Xbox 360.’ Kinect for Xbox 360 will transform how you play, entertain and connect with your friends and family. It will bring games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways, with no controller required.

We have extensively covered Kinect, previously known as Project Natal, including reviews. So, you can check them out to know more about the gadget.


Key Features of “Kinect”

  • Full body gaming: Controller-free gaming means full-body play. Kinect responds to how you move. So if you have to kick, then kick. If you have to jump, then jump. You already know how to play. All you have to do now is to get off the couch.
  • It’s all about ‘YOU’: Once you wave your hand to activate the sensor, your Kinect will be able to recognize you and access your avatar. You can then jump in and out of different games, and show off and share your moves.
  • Something for everyone: Whether you’re a gamer or not, anyone can play and have a blast. And with advanced parental controls and movies for the family, Kinect promises a gaming experience that’s safe, secure and fun for everyone.

Starting today, Kinect for Xbox 360 is available in all leading retail stores across India. The US launch happened earlier this month. Considering the standard delay we see for all gadgets launches in India, this one has to be one of the fastest I must say (We still don’t have iPhone 4 & iPad here). You can get Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures” game at an estimated retail price of icon-rupee 22,990. For those having Xbox 360 console already, you can buy only the Kinect sensor, along with the Kinect Adventures game for icon-rupee 9990.

Unveiling Kinect, Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. said,

“With Kinect, we are literally changing the game. Kinect is intuitive and easy to use, and therefore increases the category of people into the gaming fold. And from an Indian perspective, where we gesture a lot as we play, talk and emote- it’s our cultural make-up – Kinect is perfect! These same gestures now translate into an exciting and entertaining experience. What’s more, with these various experiences — Kinect gets everyone in the family off the couch, on their feet and in the game playing and bonding together.”

Kinect will be available at 150 large format retail stores across 7 top cities in India (Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune). You can also buy it online on

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