I was looking for an application which could integrate most of my daily work at one place. Instead of opening separate tabs for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Google Calendar, I wanted to perform all those things at once place. After searching the web for about a day, and trying out with some of the alternatives, I came across Zimbra Desktop.

Zimbra Desktop has been designed by Zimbra, a developer division of VMWare. It is a desktop application which can do a lot many things. Just by opening the Zimbra interface, one can access e-mail, see his Twitter feed, check out the Facebook wall, set up reminders, use it as an extensive calendar, instant messenger (via meebo) and above all it synchronizes itself with Google and Yahoo account, if you set it up to, and fetches the address book without any hassle.


Zimbra Desktop can be considered as an alternative to desktop mail clients like Outlook, as it is designed to work in offline mode. If you are not connected to internet, it synchronizes the emails and other data when you connect it the next time.


Even though the social networking feature is not out of the box, but it certainly is good enough to perform some basic tasks. It doesn’t have lists for Twitter and its just a display of wall for Facebook. Though one can easily update his/her status, share pictures and links.

This application has a feature called zimlets, which is similar to extensions as in case of Firefox. Its free to use application and comes for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. For a detailed list of features read this.

I have been using this application for some time now, and I can assure you its worth a try.

Download Zimbra Desktop.

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