RIM is taking on Apple in a big way, or at-least they are trying. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be undercutting Apple’s iPad by $100 according to some unconfirmed reports. Before we discuss the Playbook pricing in detail, have a look at this:

  • 8GB PlayBook: $399
  • 16GB PlayBook: $499
  • 32GB PlayBook: $599


Now, these were the expected prices anyway. Playbook has a smaller screen compared to iPad, it doesn’t come with 3G and Wireless broadband access. One needs to rely on tethered BlackBerry or Wifi hotspot for the internet access. But then none of the decent iPad alternatives have managed to undercut iPad’s pricing as yet. So a hurrah to RIM, if the rumors are indeed true.

Having seen the Playbook vs iPad browser test video, it is clear that RIM is hell bent on challenging Apple on its own turf, but they have a huge task at hand to come up with a decent multi-touch tablet, especially after the disastrous attempt with BB Torch.

More rumors: RIM Playbook shall be available in the Indian market, soon, at a price of Rs 20,000 for the 16GB variant and around Rs 28,000 for the 64GB version. A dub-20k pricing looks yummy for a tablet, especially since Samsung Galaxy Tab is priced at 38k and iPad is not even released in India.

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