Google seems to have copied Apple with their Nexus S phone webpage. Unless I have a serious eye sight deficiency, I am sure each one of you will agree with me. Be it the color combination, font usage or the basic design, everything about Nexus S webpage looks heavily inspired.

Have a look at the Nexus S website (features page) yourself. Now check Apple’s iPhone page. Now you understand what I mean?


Just as in iPhone page, each of the features are mentioned in headlines, with a brief description on what it’s about. You will see the high quality image (with reflection) alternating right and left which is typical of any Apple product. “Learn more about…” link has been replaced by “Watch video”. Other than that there isn’t much difference you can point out.


Many Apple fanboys are already screaming about Nexus S, as a phone, being a failed take on iPhone 4. Not that I approve that, but then, every new smartphone in the market is bound to be compared with iPhone 4 these days. But Google has gone a step further by emulating Apple’s web-design for their official Nexus S page.

I wonder if Google wanted to make it obvious through their web design that they are taking a swipe against iPhone, or just a mere co-incidence? Pour in your thoughts!

Update: Stumbled across a couple of posts which talk about the same. This post from Brad Wallen and this one from Tuhin Kumar.

Update 2: More here – tipb

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13 thoughts on “Gosh! Nexus S Website is an iPhone Clone!

  1. LMAO =)) You are bang on with the assessment. This is blatant copy. I wonder why it took so long for someone to take a potshot. LOL!

  2. I don’t think it is a copy. I think it is somewhat similar only in the description area, everything else is new. Take the navigation bar for instance. Not at all a blatant copy but definitely similar.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Ha ha.. Google implemented this idea way back in their chat application.. One of the gtalk templates has this exact layout. Given Apple’s history of they themselves being the top notch copy cats ( Xerox, you there with me ??), I wouldn’t be surprised if they had originally copied the idea from Google 😛

  4. Raju, I dont think so that Google copied from Apple, may be some similarities are there. Its completely different.

  5. bloody hilarious that people cant figure out the similarities. Google isnt dumb to lift the design as-is, but it is definitely ‘heavily’ inspired. bang on with your observations brother

  6. Probably copying part is only around the campaign material – just like coke and pepsi do. As long as the hardware and software are from totally different disciplines and styles, there can’t be much in common anyhow. But very good observation 🙂

  7. it looks like two companies wanted a clean and elegant website and thats where things clashed,Google or say any other company would want that kind of look or feel.Clean ,Elegant white body layout with HD images around that,i cant agree with u if they copied the website in any manner ,not even 1%.

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