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If you are an app lover then read on… We’ll be giving you the low down on the apps you need this Christmas; whether it’s help with wrapping presents and choosing gifts, organizing your Christmas shopping list, or apps to help you forget it’s Christmas! Whichever category you fall into we’ve definitely got something for you. And yeah, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android, we have got apps for everyone!

Festive Apps

As I’m feeling all Christmassy let’s start with some Festive Apps.

Advent Calendar App

Receive an interactive gift every day in December, culminating in a spectacular interactive finale on the 24th.

25 greatest Christmas Stories


This app makes it easy to access an anthology of the best Christmas stories ever told. Splendid to share the magic of Christmas!

Christmas Book

This app provides you with a collection of traditional Christmas stories to enjoy with your children during the holiday season.

Practical Apps

Enough of the sentimental apps what about the practical? Well there are a plethora of these apps out there but these are probably the best ones for the festive season.

Christmas Card App


With 50 templates, this App allows you to use create a plethora of delightful Christmas cards both simply and effectively. You can personalize Christmas greetings and send them via your iPhone instantly saving yourself money (not to mention a few trees which don’t need to be cut down!).

Xmas Gift list

Track what you’ve bought for Christmas so far with this free android app.

Better Christmas list


This is a leading Christmas iPhone app in its third year of availability. It helps organize your Christmas shopping list so you know what still needs to be bought. It also has a budget tracker that helps to keep you on top of your Christmas spending and saving goals!

Christmas Countdown


This free iPhone app provides a fun and easy way to keep track of how long you have until Christmas. It includes a pretty screensaver and Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit.

Shopping days to Christmas

This is an android app for people who are seeking a Christmas countdown tool.

Droid Gifts Lite

Use this Android app to keep track of the gifts you receive on Christmas Day, so you can remember to send out thank you texts and notes.

Christmas Tree Decorator


Struggling to know how best to decorate your Christmas Tree? Fear not – simply download the Christmas Tree Decorator and then you can decorate your (virtual) tree any way you want. Splendid!

Sky Plus App

Christmas now poses two problems. One is that there are far too many tv channels to watch and the second is that you’ll always forget which programs to record. Invariably until someone mentions it in a pub. Days of frantically calling home to set the video are a thing of the past with the snazzy Sky Plus App. Simply fire up the app, find your fave program and click record! Simple.

One Touch Flashlight app

Dark Christmas evenings make it hard to find lost keys and the front door, so use this app to transform your Blackberry’s camera flash into a handy torch.

Christmas Turkey app

If you’re no Delia in the kitchen or a Jamie then use this app to help pick and cook the perfect Christmas turkey.

TomTom Navigation app


Its maps cover most of the UK/US, offer turn-by-turn navigation advice in clear English and even feature celebrity voices – how about Darth Vader directing you home on Christmas Eve on your way home from the pub?

Train Times UK app

It offers live train times for departures and arrivals, includes fare information and also has a handy tool for finding the way to the station

Fun and Games

Bah humbug – who mentioned Christmas. If you want fun without the stress of Christmas then take a look at these, there bound to keep you entertained for hours!

Elf Voice


Transform your voice to a cheeky little Elf and enter the true spirit of Christmas with Elf Voice. Your children will be enchanted to hear their own personalized message from a little Elf. You can even play Elves laughing in the background for added effect. Too cute!

Fuzzle Christmas


This is the must-have addictive 2010 Christmas game for the iPhone!

Angry Birds Seasons


Rovio has released Angry Birds Seasons. The app is a free upgrade for those that purchased Angry Birds Halloween. Expanding on Angry Birds Halloween, the app introduces Season’s Greetings. This brand new festive level is packed with 25 daily surprises to enjoy while counting down the days to Christmas, in much the same fashion as a traditional Advent calendar – Feeling like Christmas has come early?!

Whatever your bag I think it’s fair to say that there’s something to suit all tastes, from alleviating the stress of Christmas to helping guide you home when you’ve had one too many! Our good ole faithful friend the phone app – remind me again how we managed before?

Cut the Rope


Fan of Angry Birds? You’ll love Cut the Rope. Produced by the clever folks at Rovio, Cut the Rope is equally as frustrating and equally as addictive!


Tired of playing dowdy old games like Scrabble? Look no further than Boggle. Tick-tock Beat the clock and make as many words as you can out of those available.

So there you have it folks. 20 Christmas Apps to keep you entertained, enlightened and make sure that Christmas runs like a breeze! Now there’s only one thing to say…

APPy Christmas 🙂

This is a guest article by Daniel Butler on behalf of who specialize in Christmas gifts for him and her of all ages.

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