Infosys, the Bangalore based IT giant has developed an innovative technology called Digital Smart Home Gateway which allows the user to link, control and collaborate various smart digital devices in home through a single easy to use interface. The gateway is powered by an Intel E600 Atom processor and MeeGo open source software.

In simpler terms, the gateway links multiple home devices, enabling consumers to manage them from a WiFi console, smartphone or remotely through the web. According to Infy, the gateway can be configured for service providers, medical device companies and utility companies for a variety of applications such as the delivery of remote healthcare, entertainment, and energy management in homes.

Applications in the Digital Smart Home Gateway include Home Energy Management System, Automation and Energy Saver, Home RF monitoring dashboard, Home Multimedia, Gaming and Entertainment Center, Home Knowledge Store, Home Security and Surveillance center, Home Communication center, Healthcare center and Home Irrigation.


Infosys aims to market the gateway to the OEMs and service providers who can pre-configure the technology by building it into their new products. The solution provides a real time monitoring capability for residential utility providers which include monitoring energy consumption per appliance, forecasting cost per usage, providing subscription to a demand response program, and recommending savings potential.

The digital smart home concept has been making rounds for a long time now, but none of the concepts have managed to make head-ways sufficiently enough. We can hope this particular gateway at-least to be part of our futuristic homes sometime in the near future.

Disclosure: Author is an ex-employee of Infosys and current member of Intel Insider team in India.

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