While trying to unravel the depths of Linux operating system, I came across various such posts which included an exhaustive list of applications having various well known Ubuntu apps like Thunderbird, Wine etc. which according to me are very obvious. So going beyond obvious here are 5 applications for Ubuntu which you will appreciate and will enhance your experience with the distro.


5 Must Have Applications for Ubuntu

  1. Ubuntu Tweaks:
    Ubuntu Tweaks is probably the most widely known application out of all the other applications in this list. It gives you immense power and control over all the functionalities and settings of the system. It can be considered to an Ubuntu variant of Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows7.
  2. Clementine:
    Being honest, I spent ages looking for a decent media player which could match it’s counterparts on Windows, and finally my search ended with Clementine. It is inspired by Amarok player for KDE, but loading KDE libraries on Gnome (which comes default with Ubuntu) can make your system clumsy and sometimes cause irritating bugs. Clementine has been on GTK libraries which is perfectly compatible with Gnome and takes about 15 mb of RAM. It has tabbed playlist, awesome context pane which displays informations from Last.fm, premium users can play music directly from Last.fm, can play internet radios and do a lot more.
  3. Bleachbit:
    I am sure anyone who are conscious PC users, are aware of operating systems gathering temporary files and thereby becoming slow and sluggish. For Windows there are some applications like CCleaner, TuneUp-Cleaner etc. Bleachbit does the same for Ubuntu. It cleans all the temporary files gathered by various browsers, installers, desktop environments etc.
  4. Shutter:
    I know of people complaining about the screenshot application for *nix. There are some nice applications for  Windows and Snag-it is one of them. Though this application is nowhere near to Snag-It, it definitely is one of the best available replacements in Ubuntu. It can capture screenshots, edit them and provides various other annotation options.
  5. Gnome-Do:
    Windows 7’s start menu has a very handy option of searching the application and launching, rather than browsing each section and then finding the right application to start. Gnome-do, which is very similar to Launchy but much more advanced, does the same. It can be started with just a hit of a short-cut. It gives a lot more options which is dependent on the application, for instance triggering the bookmark for firefox or posting your status update on twitter.

Feel free to let us know your favorite application(s) as well!

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3 thoughts on “5 Must Have Applications for Ubuntu

  1. Uh, Clementine is using Qt, not GTK. Please do a minimal amount of research before wasting people’s time posting such articles

    • Though I would like to point out that the player might be on Qt, it has dependencies on gtk and python, as libnotify is also included while building.

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