Ever since we started contemplating about browser wars almost 2 years back, things haven’t changed much. IE continues to lead the pack, though there is a steady decline overall, while Firefox and Chrome have managed to step up pace consistently.


Well, the latest update is that Mozilla’s Firefox has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at-least in Europe. These stats are based upon the report released by StatCounter, a popular web analytics company. Here is a breakup of some stats –

  • IE lost about 8% of its market share between December 2009 and 2010.
  • Firefox too lost about 3% share, but still managed to overtake IE
  • Google Chrome was the biggest winner with a gain of over 10%

Worldwide stats though, continues to feature IE at the top, followed by Firefox in distant second and Chrome, a far distant third. But indications are crystal clear – Both IE & Firefox are losing steam in the browser race, while Chrome is gaining each day and not long before we see them challenging Firefox for the second spot. IE 9 can be a real deal-breaker for Microsoft. It’s beta version is really impressive, but the final version has to have that extra spice in order to keep it afloat on top of the charts.

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