All those rumors about Amazon coming up with its own Android Marketplace are after all true. Amazon has just announced the launch of Amazon AppStore, a curated Android marketplace for applications, which is due to launch later this year. Starting today, developers will be able to submit their applications to Amazon over here – http://developer.amazon.com/

All those cynics harping about Android Fragmentation must have found some fodder to press their claims. Now that Google, Amazon, Verizon and others have their own app stores, things are getting interesting. It is not clear if these parallel app stores will actually help android or not. Having a curated market place is definitely helpful for end users as they can be sure of quality and security of apps they gonna download and install over here. But for the developers, they will be haunted with the dreadful approval system which personifies Apple’s appstore.


Amazon’s app store is more like Apple’s appstore and less like Google’s marketplace. No pornographic apps and apps with expressly illegal content are allowed. Amazon has gone one-up on Apple, as they will be in control of pricing. Developers can submit a list price with their apps, but Amazon will ultimately determine the selling price using various market factors. As is the case with other app stores, Amazon will take 30% cut on each app, though if an app is ever heavily discounted, developers are still guaranteed a minimum of 20% of their list price.

There are lots of unofficial Android markets already, like, AppBrain, MobiHand, SlideMe, GetJar and AndSpot. With a biggie like Amazon jumping in, users will have even more options. Considering Amazon’s expertise in e-commerce, we can hope for multiple payment options and better recommendation engines. It will be interesting to see if this pushes Google to better the official Android market experience.

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