“Mac is Secured” seems to be a thing of the past as the newly released Mac App Store gets hacked and cracked, all within 24 hours of the release. Apple had included the much awaited Mac App store along with OS X 10.6.6 release. The app store is aimed at benefiting users by enabling them to search and download all the useful applications at one place, and thereby reducing the number of companies they share the credit card details with.



The hack involves bypassing the DRM technology employed by Apple on some apps by fooling a premium app into accepting receipts from a free app by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code, thus making it look as though the user has receipts for the paid app. One such premium app to get cracked is Angry Birds whose developers appear to have ignored Apple’s advice on validating App Store receipts before launching.

Dubbed as Kickback, the pirated appstore is not yet available to public till February 2011 as announced by Hackulous member Dissident. But then some irresponsible bloggers have gone ahead and posted the hack on their blogs which enable people to get paid apps on Mac app store for free [sic].

Hacked App Store Leads to Malware?

As Sophos notes this on their blog,

the primary reason many people chose to jailbreak their iPhones was to acquire pirated applications that they would otherwise have purchased from the App Store. With no validation mechanism in place, this left their iPhones vulnerable to malware and trojanized versions of these “off-market” downloads.

Will Mac app store lead to the same problem? Possibly Yes. Some of the applications downloaded from the app store can easily be modified to include any sort of executable code you wish as demonstrated in the video below.

Don’t be under an illusion that Mac is safe from malware, virus and trojans, especially if you indulge in downloading pirated apps. These cheap pirated apps can just be a booby-trap which you can’t escape later on.

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