Microsoft’s keynote at CES 2011 might have been rather unexciting for many, as none of the rumored stuff like Windows 8 demo or Windows 7 tablet was announced. But one thing which did raise some eyeballs was the new Avatar Kinect for Xbox 360!

What is Avatar Kinect?


Avatar Kinect is a value-added feature for Xbox Live Gold subscribers that allows Kinect owners to interact with their friends and family using their avatars, motion control, and virtual chat rooms. The face-tracking service will allow users to directly control their Xbox Live avatars using Kinect, with the motion sensing peripheral translating facial movements such as smiles and raised eyebrows.

Check out the video below to experience and understand what I said.

Avatar Kinect – Future of Meetups & Tweetups?

Like it or not, our social lives are getting more and more digital and online. Be it at work or home, people are spending more time on conference calls or on Facebook chats. By what we saw in Avatar Kinect demo, virtual meetups or virtual tweetups can very well be a reality in near future. As Ashish notes, we might as well have these virtual tweetups or Facebook meets, irrespective of where you are residing.

Mind you, this is still the first generation of controller free motion control with 3D sensors we are looking at! Future is bright!

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