Today internet has become very huge & its increasing its growth at a very rapid pace. It is almost impossible to catch up with all the news & stories that pop out of the internet everyday. You have to run after all the various resources that generate news. Its like you are going after news rather it should be the other way around.

But internet itself has the solution to this problem. Various website ease the process of discovering news by aggregating all the top resources at a single place. Some even goes to the extent of personalizing it to your preference.

Here take a look at 5 such services that will get all the news to you rather than you going for them.

1. AllTop

The largest news aggregator of all. Its has news for virtually every topic differentiated into hundred’s of categories.


2. Popurls

Brings news from all popular resources including various Top news from social networks like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Hulu, Youtube and many more.


3. DailyRotation

Tech related news is the core of this aggregator.


4. OurSignal

Grid view of all popular stories from Reddit, Stumbleupon, Imgur and you can also add your own sources.



Aggregator of all popular news from Twitter & Facebook displays stories, videos, images etc. in a newspaper format.


There are various other services which gets the job done well, if you are using one of those services then do share them with us in the comments.

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