Amidst the advanced complications, in the World of Warcraft gaming, it is essential to possess an appropriate keyboard. As a gamer, it would be rather annoying, to run into any nuisance that may occur due to not being well equipped, with updated technology. Most aspects of the game require advanced control features; making it crucial to invest in a well-suited gaming keyboard.


Top 10 Gaming Keyboards

1.Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard – This keyboard is for players who like to play faster, better and longer. The G110 gaming keyboard has customizable controls. Backlighting highlights keys in low-light environment. With 12 programmable G-keys, various complex commands can be executed quickly and each key has 3 macros that allows easy pre-set up, to 36 different functions, per game. The built-in headphone and microphone jack lets one communicate with their teammates.

2.Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – This is the first mechanical gaming keyboard that offers a novel feel and improved game play. It can create a lot of action within a minute, due to the mechanical key infrastructure. It provides a very precise tactile response. The keyboard’s 5 extra macro keys and its enhanced key matrix permits the gamer, to possess complete control in every battle, making it possible, to win over the video game rivals and carry out back-to-back assaults.

3. Logitech G19 Programmable Gaming Keyboard with LCD Display – This is the first Logitech gaming keyboard to include a color Game Panel LCD. It has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The display recommends helpful data, on the game being played. The display also shows the time, CPU load and information that do not refer to gaming, such as pictures and videos.

4. Saitek Cyborg Gaming Keyboard – The Saitek Cyborg characterizes a high-end device with localized lighting. The keyboard boasts 12 programmable “C” keys with 3 programming modes. Its AWSD and cursor have their own lighting. Cyborg also swanks media keys, hard-wearing key surfaces, adjustable wrist rest and keyboard rake angle. The connectors for USB and audio are gold plated.

5. Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard – Logitech built the G510 provides a lot of valuable information about the game.The GamePanel LCD facilitates reception of real-time data and customization of the player’s controls. It lets one access various information, on in-game statistics. It gives the option of personalization of the backlighting, to help identify the right keys when playing in a dark environment. Also, the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 features 18 programmable G-keys.

6. Razer Lycosa Programmable Backlit Gaming Keyboard – The keyboard encompasses a large number of features. The Razer Lycosa keyboard has the key top enclosed in a non-slip rubber finish. In addition, the device has backlit illumination, fully programmable keys and macro capability.

7. Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard – This keyboard provides backlight color options, between purple, red and blue. Because the keypad and the key characters are lit, playing in a low light environment is possible. It is made of high-quality materials. For examples, its stylish casing is made of silver. The weighted base and a large rubber area keep the keyboard still on the desk. The Saitek Eclipse II also has media keys.

8. Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard – This keyboard from Logitech is designed to keep the player informed during the game. The device is equipped with a Logitech-exclusive GamePanel LCD that allows finding the server, which friends are using to connect into Battlefield 2142, observe game statistics, etc. The display also enables the user to receive messages, when their World of Warcraft battleground is available. This keyboard allows the user to easily create macros and play them back with just a push of a G-key.

9. Logitech G11 Gaming KeyboardThis keyboard from Logitech has blue-backlit characters, 18 programmable G keys, and very practical media control buttons. With Logitech G11 one can create custom macros for various video games and control them with a simple push button. In addition, it does not encounter any problems with the Windows key if one accidentally pushes it during the game; because the keyboard by design disables it when someone starts to play a game.

10. Sidewinder X6 Keyboard – It features include detachable key pad, a full media key set, two-color dimmable backlighting, and more. It transforms from a gaming keyboard into a high-performance keyboard for everyday use, with just a push of a button. Some other features of the Sidewinder X6 keyboard include: switchable key pad, WASD gaming keys and front-face lighting for better visibility. Some of the media keys are: Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, and Mute.

In all, it is important to be fully conscious of what type of accessibility is needed, to make the most out of each ones World of Warcraft gaming experience. Ultimately, it all boils down, to what makes the user feel most comfortable, while playing.

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