A great news for all you HTC HD2 owners! Windows Phone 7 has been ported successfully onto HTC HD2 by the Dark Forces Team (DFT) and it’s all demonstrated in a video series which you will find after the break. For those looking for guidance on porting WP7 onto HTC HD2, watching the videos will just be enough. Right from the flashing to its actual running is explained in detail.


Here’s a full list of features supported:

  • Quick system startup, just 20 seconds from the first boot to start settings.
  • Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal.
  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.
  • SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.
  • Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.
  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash.
  • Green dial button can be used for camera activation.
  • WiFi turn on, turn off, fast, and works for available networks properly, unable to make detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Bluetooth functional normally, but have not detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).
  • Program interface and system UI works correctly, features fully stocked.
  • The system date, time, normal, alarm clock works correctly.
  • Calendar have all functional.
  • Internet Explorer all functions works, up to 6 pages possible. multitouch works.
  • Office – all functions are available.
  • The music and video player works.
  • Picture view works, including multitouch.
  • Lock screen interfaces works normally, show event reminders, wallpaper, and appear on screen quickly after power button press, everything OK
  • Sync with the Zune works.
  • USB function can be achieved (by modifying the registry on the PC side), you can read, write, everything works.
  • Accelerometer works, autorotation works with beautiful effects.
  • Screen brightness control can be manually controlled. Automatic works fine too.
  • Ability to choose custom wallpaper works.
  • Lock screen, unlock correctly, including password

This makes HTC HD2 a device with most OS running under its belt. This beast can run a long list of OS including Android, Ubuntu, Windows 95, Windows 98 and now here’s Windows Phone 7, even Meego is in works for this one to land on which is incredible for a device that was released to run Windows Mobile platform. So keep your HD2’s close guys it shows no signs of dying anytime soon.

Before you go ahead and flash your HD2, you must know that there is no live service access (yet) on HTC HD 2 Windows Phone 7 ROM. Give a serious thought if it is worthy enough. If you think so, go ahead and flash it.

[Source] DFT

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