Ever since we wrote about the top Groupon alternatives in India, a lot of things have conspired in quite a quick time. Groupon has made an official entry to Indian markets, through their acquisition of SoSasta.com, a Groupon clone which didn’t even make it to our list! But wait, we now got to know that Ebay India has decided to take a plunge into the sea of Group buying web services with its own variant.


They are giving themselves a different name – Ebay Social Shopping which, like Groupon, is about Daily Deals aimed at group buyers. Currently, Ebay India is promoting their social shopping site http://kuponanindia.ebaysocialapps.com/ on their homepage as well. As of now it looks like Mumbai and Delhi are the only cities, but expect that list to grow very soon. As Plugged.in notes, ebay is testing similar services in Philippines and other places as well.

As with other group buying services, the deals get active only if eBay Social Shopping can generate more than the specified minimum number of sales chosen by the merchant. Once the minimum number of sales is reached, the deal becomes activated (called the tipping point) and all the customers that signed up for the deal become eligible. In the event the deal becomes eligible, the customers will get an email voucher specifying the details of the deal; in case the deal does not get eligible, the customer will get the refund of the amount that he paid to participate in the deal. You can find the full FAQ here.

From a consumer perspective, Ebay and Groupon’s entry to the Indian market is definitely a great news. But from competitor’s perspective, it is bound to create some flutters. SnapDeal is the only one with a considerable reach in this marketspace. We expect lot more acquisitions and mergers in the coming days. All in all, real exciting times ahead for us consumers!

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