Mobile-World-Congress-2011Now that the Consumer Electronic Show(CES) is over, it is time to look forward. And right ahead we have the Mobile World Congress(MWC) to be held at Barcelona between 14th-17th Feb which gives us no time to pause. After all the madness & shine of new gadgets at CES, MWC is not expected to pass without its glory.

As we await for MWC, lets have a look at what we can expect from this big tech event show.

1. Windows Phone 7 Update

Microsoft has done a good job with its infant, Windows Phone 7 in the smart phone world, but it has a lot to mature to prove its worth. Now its time to step up, and Microsoft is all set to provide an update of WP7. MWC seems to be the right event to showcase its new features & land the update to our devices.


2. RIM Playbook

RIM has been showcasing its new entrant in the tablet world, the Blackberry Playbook, in various events. But MWC may be the event where it will finally launch. So expect a lot of talking from RIM, including about the mysterious battery life, the price details & synchronization between its tablets & smart phones.


3. Google Honeycomb

Google has got us all excited by unveiling cool new features of its shiny revamped interface of Android 3.0, but it has not given us any chance to play with the device except playing some pre-loaded videos showcasing its powers. At MWC, we can expect to get our hands on new devices powered by Honeycomb & more information on the future of Android.


4. Samsung Galaxy S Successor

Samsung has broken world records with its Galaxy S line of phones & it has no intention of slowing down. It’s all set to revamp its entire product line with new phones & tablets with powerful Dual-Core processors, Super AMOLED Screen & Android Honeycomb. Expect all these & lot more from Samsung in MWC, next month.


5. HP Palm WebOS

Palm/HP has been looking to jump back in game with its new version of WebOS & it has to bring up some light on its long-rumored PalmPad, as HP would like to see some fruits of its investment soon. And the next major event, MWC is a perfect timing to end that long speculation.


6. HTC Scribe

There hasn’t been many leaks from the Taiwanese giant about its future plans, but we know its working on a Tablet named HTC Scribe. HTC has always taken away the spot light at MWC & it would like to repeat its feat yet again this year. Some high-end phones are also expected, running both on Windows Phone 7 & Android.


7. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

We have seen many leaks of Sony Ericsson’s yet to be released PlayStation Phone, even to the extent that we know all about its specs & features. Sony Ericsson should have released it already, but we guess they are waiting for MWC to do the unveiling. Expect to get some hands on the Xperia Play as it is likely to be called.


8. Nokia Meego

Nokia is working long enough on a new OS for its mobile platform, the Meego. But we haven’t seen many devices running the shiny new OS. Nokia is still outing devices based on Symbian but it is high time it sheds some light on Meego OS. We can expect Nokia to give us some phones & maybe some tablets as well, running Meego to drool at MWC.


9. LG Optimus Pad

With world’s first dual-core smart phone – LG Optimus 2x & one of the thinnest Optimus Black smart phone, already showcased at CES, we can expect LG to announce its much awaited Honeycomb Tablet, the Optimus Pad.


10. Lots Of Apps

This is an overview of App Planet event

“GSMA launched App Planet to focus on the explosive growth in the mobile apps market while fostering direct communication between developers and platform owners. Building on its success at Mobile World Congress 2010, we will again bring App Planet to the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC11) in Barcelona. For four days, we will unite the key apps players in one place at one time; thereby, positioning App Planet as the Centre of the Apps Universe for the mobile market in Europe.”

So expect a lot of apps, with ground breaking technologies, to power your smart phones in the near future.


So, that was our round-up of top products that are likely to make an appearance in Mobile World Congress(MWC). If you have anything to add then please do post it in comments.

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