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“Don’t be evil” says Google, information and services should be free. People should watch videos for free. We’ll make a free browser, free operating system, free picture viewer, free search free free free stuff. (applause) – How about free Google Ads?

Google is a great company and I love it. It’s just that there are some things that tick me off with their holier than thou – We are good guys and Microsoft are bad guys approach. I’ve been thinking about it for months and I still can find an answer maybe someone would enlighten me after reading this.

Should Microsoft make its operating system Open Source?

A lot of people would say yes, make it open source let people dig in and do WHAT? Create apps? Tweak things? If I’m not mistaken, I believe that’s what an API is for right? Microsoft has released an API for its operating system for ages. Check this.

Should Microsoft give out its software for free?

There are countless cases of great inventions, software, ideas that have not seen the light of day or gained mainstream penetration because of finance. If Microsoft did not charge a price for a variety of its services, how would it pay the programmers who spend months on end writing and rewriting code to make their operating system work? (even if it’s still buggy at the end of the day)

Same thing goes for the Mac which is a Unix-based operating system. You can clearly see the difference between the Mac and other free unix based operating systems, even in Linux, you’d notice how the most advanced of them all are paid.

Seriously, all I’ve said so far is all crap, the real issue is this. If Google really is a stout devotee of the open source community, it should

  • Release the source code algorithm of its search engine or both.
  • Not make secret how it ranks website in its search engine.
  • Release the data that it has painstakingly gathered so far from monitoring millions of people to interested parties for FREE, online.

I mean, that data is electronic, information like this should be free for all shouldn’t it? Nothing is free, Nothing is free. Someone has to pay a price for anything and everything. Some kind people (who were kind because they believed they would be richer for it) paid to for the computers, office space that Google used when it wasn’t earning a dime. If not, Google would have been long doomed.

Thousands of people have been made miserable by indirect consequences of Google’s deceptive freedom policy. Millions more would be made miserable if Google is allowed to reign free. Linux is years away from where it would have been if there was focus in the Linux community. Red hat, video, puppy, game, mint, XP, Mandriva, Tv Linux and hundreds of more Linux variants. Maybe open source is a good thing, maybe closed source is a bad thing, but then look at it another way, how many people love to work for free? How long would Microsoft stay alive if it gives out its operating system for free, how good is your free Anti-virus?

Advertising is a form of service, shouldn’t Google give it out for free? If I have a very good product better than that of Apple’s, would it not be better for potential buyers of my product if I am able to advertise my product regardless of my lack of advertising budget?

A word to Microsoft

Listen Microsoft, stop whining, I probably wouldn’t be using computers if not because of windows. You’ve got a great product, keep with it. I’ve analyzed a time and again how small the software industry would be if IBM Held on tight. I believe software industry would be nothing if not for you guys. In fact there would be not
yahoo, Google, Facebook at least not as we know it – where would the users come from? I would have said “Google stay away from the OS business, keep true to your original business and stop making enemies with Apple and Microsoft” but you have already drawn blood by setting up Bing.

Final Words

I’d love to yap and yap, but I would not even read anything longer than this. So lets wrap it up by saying this. I really love Microsoft, Google and Apple – I’d love you guys to smoothen things out, carve territories and stick with them. Fighting would only weaken you guys and give me and my friends from all over the world a chance to TAKE YOU ALL DOWN, no joke.

Editor’s Note: This post was sent by an anonymous reader. We tried our best to contact him but to no avail. The post was interesting enough to let it go. All the views within the post are that of the author alone.

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