Location Sharing Services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Places, Facebook Places have popped up in the past couple of years to make is easy for your friends & followers to know your whereabouts. These services have gained their fair share of popularity but they are still far away to make it mainstream. There are certain factors which still needs to be work upon to main it big.


5 Weak Points of Location Sharing Services:

1. Not Automatic

Every time a user has to check-in, he/she has to manually pop-up the app to initiate the check-in. This makes it hard for users to be motivated to bother for check-in’s, the novelty soon worn off. No one is interested in being the mayor of his/her local dog park. There isn’t single app that provides automatic check-in. Apps should enable “background location check-ins” so end users doesn’t need to do anything when entering a place, users can continuously share the their location with friends or followers.


2. Location Precision

GPS service is not always accurate there is always a 10-50 meter difference that occurs due to Location granularity(the degree to which reported location information is accurate). Because of this, users can’t pinpoint their exact location to take full use of Location Sharing.


3. Battery Drainage

GPS & WiFi/3G are two of the most battery draining components in today’s smart phones. Location Sharing Services require both these component to be activated at the time of Check-in’s, which sucks out juice from your smart phone battery at a very fast rate. Manufacturers needs to work out on improving the battery usage for these components to aid in Location Sharing Services.


4. Usually Fails Indoors

GPS is a very much of a “line-of-sight” technology and it works great outdoors when the sky is overhead, but GPS receivers in our phones are still not strong enough to work indoors & often breaks or doesn’t even work all times. Certain urban areas are also prone to poor GPS signals which makes it very difficult to rely on Location Services.


5. Prone To Fraud

Location Based services can be easily tricked to misrepresent location. There are certain apps just for this purpose. This could mislead information & can be used to cheat or fraud. Location Service should provide certain ways to rectify this concerning issue in their services to win trust of users for their service & apps.


Clearly, Location Service Providers alone can’t clear all these shortcomings but even device manufacturers, GPS Service providers have to work together to make Location Sharing better for the end users.

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